Boiler Repairs and Central Heating Installations in Doncaster

At Elite Plumbing Solutions, we provide plumbing and heating services for domestic, commercial and industrial customers throughout South and West Yorkshire. Our gas safe registered engineers have over 40 years of combined experienced and complete everything from boiler installations, central heating installations and boiler repairs, to fitting log burners, fireplaces and steam rooms. Based in Doncaster, we are proud to be European Registration Organisation certified and carry out work to the highest standards.


In this blog post we’re looking at some of the best ways to prepare your home heating systems for winter. It is important to ensure boilers, central heating, fireplaces, log burners and other plumbing and heating systems are in optimum condition prior to winter when they are needed the most. Read our tips and advice below to make sure you are fully prepared for the colder Doncaster and Yorkshire weather.

Preparing Your Home Heating for Winter

  1. Have your boiler serviced. An annual boiler service is vital to check for optimum functionality, safety and energy efficiency, as well as usually being required for maintaining your boiler’s warranty. The best time to have boiler installations serviced is during the summer when you can arrange for boiler repairs if required, before the colder months draw in.
  2. Customers in Doncaster and throughout Yorkshire should also be checking central heating installations in their property. This can include turning radiator valves on and turning up the room thermostat. After 15 minutes touch the radiators to check they are beginning to heat up.
  3. If one or two radiators remain cold there may be a small amount of air in the system. This can be rectified by bleeding the radiators, which involves opening your radiator’s valves to allow trapped cold air to escape. Only do this or have this done by an expert engineer, when your central heating installations have been turned off.
  4. Doncaster and other Yorkshire homeowners should check log burners and fireplaces for damage, such as loose or broken firebricks. If you have a log burner, it is also useful to inspect the firerope sealing around the glass and door by trapping a piece of paper in the door. If the paper can be removed easily when the door is shut, the rope may need replacing.
  5. Check the pressure of your boiler to prevent loss of heat through the pressure dropping. Usually, this can be seen on the pressure gauge of most boiler installations and should be between 1 and 1.5 bar when the system is cold. If the pressure has dropped or is consistently dropping and increasing, we recommend contacting a registered gas safe engineer who can perform quick and cost-effective boiler repairs.
  6. Similar to annual servicing for boiler installations, annual sweeping is recommended for your chimney if you have any log burners or fireplaces in your Doncaster property. Yearly chimney sweeping reduces tar and creosote building up in the chimney flue, preventing blockages and potential fire or carbon monoxide hazards.

To find out more about boiler repairs, boiler installations and central heating installations in Doncaster, call us today on 07771 756369. We also fit fireplaces and log burners.

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