Boiler Installations, Fireplaces and Log Burners in Leeds | Energy Saving Tips

As the winter months draw in, property owners throughout Leeds and the wider Yorkshire areas are turning their heating systems back on, but as energy costs continue rise this can be a worrying thought for many. Efficient and well-maintained boiler installations, central heating installations, fireplaces and log burners are vital for helping to reduce costs. In this blog post, we’re sharing valuable energy saving tips to help you keep your bills down this winter.


Established since 2002, Elite Plumbing Solutions provide trusted plumbing and heating services across Leeds and the wider South and West Yorkshire areas. We have over 40 years of experience in boiler repairs, boiler installations, central heating installations and are fully trained to fit fireplaces, log burners and even steam rooms. Contact us today for repairs, installations, maintenance or for more energy saving advice.

Central Heating Installations

Homeowners and commercial property owners in Leeds and the surrounding areas should consider these energy-saving improvements for central heating and boiler installations:


  • Having problems with your boiler pressure? Boiler repairs will improve the performance of your system, working more energy efficiently
  • If you don’t already have one, make sure you have a thermostat fitted and try finding an optimum temperature for you. If you tend to have it quite high, lower it by one degree every day until it begins to feel a bit too cool, then turn it back up a degree
  • Replace old boiler installations with new energy efficient ones. High efficiency boilers are around 90% efficient, saving you money as well as reducing your properties carbon footprint
  • Use a timer to make sure central heating installations come on only when you want them to, so that you’re only paying for what you use
  • Keep your radiators clear of obstructions such as a sofa, which can absorb the heat being emitted

Log Burners and Fireplaces

Have a log burner or fireplace in your Leeds property? Here are some energy saving tips to consider this winter:


  • Along with central heating installations, many people throughout the UK opt for secondary heating sources such as fireplaces or log burners to heat one room for a limited time, which can help to avoid over heating other areas of the property
  • Log burners are especially beneficial for heating an individual space, made from cast iron they release heat slowly and maintain a comfortable room temperature
  • Open fireplaces create a pleasant atmosphere and beautiful centre piece, but the heat can often escape up the chimney rather than going into the room. Check the seals around your fireplace and try tempered glass doors to help bring the warmth into your room
  • Having chimneys insulated and annually cleaned will help to prevent blockages and improve the efficiency of log burners and fireplaces in Leeds properties, as well keeping your property and everyone in it safe

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